Produce in The Workplace

I’m consciously making an effort to eat more whole fruits and vegetables and leaning away from the over-processed snacks and prepared meals. There’s something odd about this when it meets the workplace. As I precisely lined the veggie drawer in the shared refrigerator with paper towels and placed my produce gently inside, I had a shocking thought. This feels wierd!

There is a sharp contrast of having a refrigerator with whole plant produce in a place where cookies, candies, donuts, bagels, cakes, etc…are the accepted norm.  I found myself thinking, “someone is going to remark on this and I’ll look like an oddball for bringing produce in to work.” Typically the produce drawer in our refrigerator at work has been used to hold bottles of water or sodas for client meetings. I’ve been somewhat concealing my produce snacks in bags that I place in the fridge and restock everyday. Last night at the grocery store though, I decided, “why the hell am I wasting my time everyday parsing out portions of snacks to take and consume that day. On some level, portioning allows you to know your limits of how much you should eat. But in this new endeavor, I’m allowing myself to eat almost any amount of produce I desire. Where I used to graze on crackers, pretzels, candies and such, I’m now opening the gates to eat whatever the hell I want and however much I desire. I’ll balance this with drinking water and limiting myself with not over-consuming things like nuts that have high fat, but mostly no-holds-barred food fest.

I think I truly am feeling better about myself due to my new eating habits and I crave sweets a little less. Which with a last name like Hershey has been a constant struggle my whole life. All cards on the table, I did have a bowl of ice cream last night. I’m not perfect and I’ll evolve over time, but I do feel ardent in my idea of dedicating a large portion of my food intake to whole fruits and veggies which have not been altered to be more appealing for consumption. And sure, I’ll probably get some odd looks for eating whole carrots with the leaves still on them (picturing Bugs Bunny here), popping cherry tomatoes like candy, and gnawing on broccoli crowns like a turkey leg, but I’ll feel better and perhaps it will get those people who remark on to think about whether that’s a good thing that they should also be doing.


Picture of me gnawing on a broccoli crown? Picture of the veggies in the fridge?