Fathers Day 2014 Adventures

I couldn’t have had a better day if I relived it a thousand times over like the movie Groundhog Day. Though it was such a great day that I would have gladly relived it. Multiple moments¬†felt like time paused for a short period in order to soak it all the goodness, love and positivity. Exactly how it felt the first night I met Marisa [Link].

The day began with the kiddos sleeping in, so we all got a little extra relaxation. Jameson woke up in a great mood and wished me “HAPPY FATHERS DAY!” That was a small gesture, but so huge to me! Mila woke up full of smiles as usual. Marisa ran around taking care of everything we needed for the day, so I didn’t have to worry about it. That gave me some extra time to play with the kids.

All day long, Mila was happy and excited to see everyone and Jameson soaked up all the attention, too. With all the positive reinforcement, Jam stayed well-mannered and fun to be around. By the time we got to my parents house, Jam was still napping from the drive over, so Mila and I got a little extra time hanging with my parents inside while we gave him some extra time to nap.

When it came time to jump in the pool, Jameson was a little cautious; par for the course this season, so far. At one point he stripped down like he was going to skinny dip and began running around free acting silly. Mila got in the pool for the first time and went swimming with me. She loved it and liked bouncing up and down in the water. She ended up getting so tired from all the excitement that she started trying to fall asleep right there in the pool.

After a long, pleasantly exhausting day with family, I walked outside with Jameson to load up the car for our drive home. He loves to be a good helper. As I held him in one arm and a handful of stuff in the other arm, he looked at me and thanked me for a wonderful day. Then he really floored me. He said,¬†“Daddy, you’re the best dad I’ve ever seen. I love you with all my heart!” I dropped everything immediately, squeezed him as tight as I could and told him how lucky I am to be his dad. It doesn’t get any better than that! He’s got a sentimental heart underneath all that fast-paced, fiesty, wild boy exterior that reminds me every day why it’s so great being a dad.