Halloween 2015: The Force Awakens

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May the Force be with you

I’ve always loved StarWars. I played with the toys when I was a little dude, and still have all of them. Maybe even still play with them. Always a kid at heart. I’ve seen all the movies and have been in constant wonder of the imagination and talent that goes into the story and cinematography. I definitely tried to hone in all my midi-chlorians and use the Force.

I’ve always wanted to be a Jedi. So this year, I decided why not. My 4 year old son wanted to be Darth Vader for Halloween this year, even though he’s never really seen much from the movies or cartoons. I wanted to be able to summon the Force with him. He really helps remind me that I can still be a kid. Especially when I, him and my daughter had an impromptu light saber battle last night.

Thanks to my beautiful wife¬†for letting me use your leather skirt, and thanks to my mom for supplying me with belts, straps and chains to sharpen up my look. Extra special thanks to my mommy for buying me a light saber. She’s the one who kept all my old toys for me; constantly lugging them around from house to house as they’ve moved throughout the years.

Not sure which side of the Force I would actually be on (leaning light side), but I had some fun in Photoshop editing up this version.
Best part of this costume is that I only spent $20 on the harem pants at H&M and $10 for the long sleeve hoodie from Gap. All the rest was borrowed or repurposed.