Here’s a brief intro of me. Jason Hershey. I’m a kind-hearted fellow who values life in all forms. Somewhere in me is a Zen Buddhist monk trying to get out.  I strive to find a nice mix of life that allows me to have creative freedom in balance with financial stability.


I don’t have the patience for mastery in just one particular area. Instead, I soak up as much as possible in order to have an arsenal that can be applied to any project. I want to be a part of it all. Like a jack of all trades, master of some. Collaboration with other passionate problem solvers is where I find the best solutions come to life.


I am motivated by great tasting food, drinks, diverse music, the wonderment of nature, people-watching, and exploring. Striving to uncover places or ideas that no one else has discovered drives me every day. There is design in everything. Some good and some bad, but through my searching, there is so much to be cultivated.


Though I believe in a strict balance in my work/home life, they always overlap. By that I mean my mind is always working to find a creative angle on the situation at hand. At the same time, my family and friends have a profound impact on the projects I work on. That overlap is where I find the most happiness and productivity. My wifey and my kiddos mean the world to me. My creative obligations also drive me in so many ways. The balance of the two keeps me in the happiest place I’ve ever been in this life.


Over the years I’ve learned a ton, yet I’m humble enough to know there is constantly more knowledge to be gained. I’ve struggled, I’ve failed, I’ve fought, I’ve dreamed and I’ve achieved. All on repeat and shuffle. I’m ready to lean in and do more. And I want to have some fun doing it!


Everything I’ve written here is true and it just skims the surface of who I really am. If you really want to get to know me, let’s meet, and let’s find a way to collaborate for some good.